P.E.A.S.E Spring Fundraiser

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To Support Summer Programming


During the summer months, students lose their connections to classmates, counselors, teachers, and the daily support they receive during the school year. Without your support, many students drift and run the risk of sliding back into old habits and addictions. With your gifts, P.E.A.S.E. Foundation can provide this critical support. Having staff the student’s trust, programs that appeal to kids, and the ability to be with friends is crucial to keeping these teens sober over the summer months. With your support, we’ll also be able to reach young people who do not attend P.E.A.S.E by offering them the opportunity to meet peers their own age who are actively engaged in recovery. Facilitated by trained Peer Recovery Specialists, the participants support each other as they navigate their lives, attend community-based recovery in the comfort of their established peer group, and engage in fun, sober activities.

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