P.E.A.S.E. Community After-School Program

P.E.A.S.E. After-School Programming

Families, Continuity, Accountability, and Peer Support are Important

P.E.A.S.E. After-School Programming is a community-based, family-centered, professionally staffed, positive peer support program that offers social rehabilitative services, counseling, and case-management for adolescents in recovery.

Program Details

Summer Programming consist of the following:

  • Mid-day, positive social interaction with peers and trained Peer Recovery Specialists 2x a week.

  • Twice a week peer support and accountability circles.

  • 2 weekdays positive social rehabilitative activities as planned by Peer Recovery Coaches and clients. In other words FUN!

  • Lunch Provided

  • Once a month, for a total of 3, big activities such as Valley Fair, Wild Mountain Adventure Park, etc.

Makes a Difference

Research shows that Alternative Peer Groups are an essential component for adolescents who have completed treatment and are looking for a fun, safe and supportive environment to continue their recovery.

The Right People for the Job

Fully Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Trained Peer Recovery Specialists (enthusiastic about their own recovery), and Contracted & Outsourced Services.

Michael DurchslagDirector of Programs
Responsible for Marketing and Outreach, enrollment into the west metro program, supervision of Peer Recovery Coaches, and programming for both adolescents and their families.
Rufus Brown
Rufus BrownLicensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
Rufus Brown is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and Board Certified Counselor (BCC). He has worked with youth in Crisis, Corrections, and shelters for runaway and homeless teens. Rufus also has extensive background working with youth and adults in inpatient settings, outpatient programs, and residential treatment facilities. Rufus is a natural teacher and brings over two decades of experience to our team to help support, coach, and encourage our students.
Rufus is also an avid Vikings fan, enjoys working out and playing Basketball. A single Parent raising a teenager of his own.
JaredPeer Recovery Specialists
My name is Jared and I’m a person in long term recovery! I’m very interested in Basketball, Motorcycle riding, my dog Kiya (she’s a husky), working out, and video games. I’ve been abstinent since 8/28/15 and have completed the Peer Recovery Coach training through Minnesota Recovery Connection. I also have been working at The Retreat, which is a residential rehab for almost 4 years and am currently in school at MCTC to become a LADC.Rufus is also an avid Vikings fan, enjoys working out and playing Basketball. A single Parent raising a teenager of his own.
NikkyPeer Recovery Specialists
My name is Nikky, I am an alumni of P.E.A.S.E. Academy and am a person in long term recovery. I have been abstinent since 5/04/2015 and am a certified Peer Recovery Coach. I have volunteered at multiple treatment centers consistently for 6 years. I enjoy challenging myself in many different ways and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. My interests include traveling the world, painting, yoga and spending time with my dog “kitty”.

“I didn’t have interests or hobbies or anything. So finding what I really liked doing was really beneficial to me. Because if you don’t have fun, then you’re not going to stay sober.”

Rebecca Ronning, 24, Minnesota, New York Times

“Teen And Family Services has allowed our teen to separate from his addiction. We had been in therapy for a few months prior to TAFS without any benefit. Our teen is now six months drug free and we wish we had learned about this program sooner.”

Kyle, TAFS Parent, TAFS

“My sobriety date is January 22, 2012. One of the reasons why I feel like I have been able to stay sober this long, is because of the TAFS summer trip. I gained new tools to grow as a young person in recovery. TAFS is an experience that I can never recreate or replace. It has taught me that I could have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol, and that I could gain fellowship with real friends. The amount of gratitude is unmeasurable, and it has surely change the course of my life.”

Andrew, TAFS Graduate , TAFS

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